Monday, 10 December 2012

Mini Melbourne Update + Collective haul!

Just got back from a lovely weekend in Melbourne! Was a late birthday present (my birthday is in October, however this proved to be quite a hectic time of the year for us with work and uni exams) from my lovely boyfriend, so we both headed down to relax for the weekend :) left thursday night and flew back this afternoon.
I really enjoyed it! Melbourne seems like a much more better organized, more laidback version of Sydney. Everyone is polite, public transport is fantastic, so many nice places to eat, and so much culture! Stayed in a gorgeous hotel on Little Bourke Street which helped make the holiday even more relaxing!

Unfortunately this year has been a bit of a stretch financially, with buying a new car, having to find a new job, overseas holiday etc, so I did not have a lot of cash to throw around there (if I did I would have, shopping down there is amazing!) but here is a few things I purchased down there, along with a few things I have collected in my travels over the past few weeks :)

Rimmel Anti Fatigue Concealer in Ivory - Have been looking for a new concealer to try out, and am a fan of rimmel products so I hope it's a good one!

Bloom Glitter eyeliner in Starstruck - Am a big fan of the new 'glitter winged eyeliner' look. This glitter liner is such a gorgeous colour I just had to have it.

Coral Colours London Collection kit - Really like kits like this one that have eyeshadows, cheek & lip colours as they are all you need to create a look, & easy to travel with. Products have nice pigmentation for the price, and the lipgloss smells great, is gorgeous and isn't sticky.

Victorias Secret Body Lotion in Secret Craving - I have an absolute obsession with all victorias secret products. I bought the warm & cozy body mist and the pink body mist while I was in america and LOVE them. So when I saw the store in melbourne airport I could not resist picking up something up :) this scent is a lovely sweet floral.

Really random I know but I wanted to mention the complimentary toiletries that the hotel had because they were AMAZINGGG!
They were by the brand (Malin + Goetz) which upon researching I found out was actually a quite expensive luxury natural based rand from New York.. which can be found here:

The products we got to try out were:
The peppermint shampoo 30ml (RRP $20.00 for 236ml)
The cilantro conditioner 30ml (RRP $22.00 for 236ml)
The rum body & hand wash 30ml (RRP $20.00 for 250ml)
The b5 body moisturizer 30ml (RRP $38.00 for 220ml)

They all smelt absolutely divine, & were extremely high quality with beautiful formulas, unlike some hotel toiletries which are pretty much repackaged dish soap. The body moisturizer made my skin ridiculously soft and lovely!

I liked them so much that I will consider buying some of them full size when I run out of the extra mini ones I managed to get my hands on :P

A few things I picked up here and there in the past week or two:

Natio Vitamin E moisturizer - As my new models prefer skincare line is helping to prevent breakouts from occuring so well already, I was looking for a night cream that would help to fade my acne scarring.

Nation Sensitive moisturizing day gel - Have quite sensitive skin, and I really like the cooling, soothing texture of gel moisturizers for summer :)

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara - Saw many youtube gurus had purchased this product and said good things about it so I picked it up from chemist warehouse on sale. Must admit the few times I have used it, whilst it does lengthen a little I don't find it to tick enough other boxes (formula, wand, volume it provides) to become a favourite of mine. Is good layered with another volumizing mascara though.
Essence Mascara - Get BIG lashes (Volume Curl) - Love my essence products and their new range of mascaras looked nice so I picked this one up. So far I am really impressed with the seperation, length it provides and the formula. Could be a bit more volumizing but is pretty good!
Essence lipstick (All about cupcake) - For the longest time I have been looking for the perfect everyday lipstick that perfects my natural lips & does not look like I am wearing a lipstick and THIS IS IT!


Essence Sun Club Mini Glamour to Go Pallette (Neutral shades) - This is a cute little pallette that fits in my everyday makeup bag with neutral wearable shades. Formula of the shadows is pretty good, a tiny bit powdery but lovely shimmer!

Models Prefer Milkyway 2 in 1 cleanser & toner - After using this products for a week or so I am already in love! Creamy but not heavy product that removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses my skin whilst moisturizing and leaving it feeling soft and lovely. Has reduced my acne already!

Beauty Day Moisturizer w/ SPF - Thin formula moisturizer, very hydrating without being heavy or greasy. Absorbs quickly and smooths my skin out nicely in preparation for makeup :) hopefully continues to keep my skin moisturised without irritating it! Great bargain product with lovely formula, was only $5!

Let me know if you have tried any of these or any new exciting products you have purchased! :)


  1. Nice haul!! I also came across the Malin + Goetz products after a hotel stay - they are amazing!
    And great to hear you enjoyed your trip to Melbourne, it is an amazing city!

    1. They are lovely :) yes it is! a lot better organized than sydney that's for sure, and really cultural & beautiful.