Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas countdown: Summer essentials

4 days to go!
Today I thought in the theme of the holidays I would write a post about some of my essential products for this time of year. Unlike America, Australians cop an extremely hot christmas period so I have to adapt my skincare and beauty regime to deal with the heat!
I also feel like these posts are a great way to find new products to try out, as you can read about what products other people are using and more importantly why they are working so well for them.
1. BB Cream (Models Prefer)
I love the feeling of a good, hydrating, non-greasy BB cream for the summer. I hate the feeling of wearing heavy foundation in the summer, and it is a bit of a waste of time in our climate as it will be melted off in two seconds!
My current favourite is the Models Prefer BB cream in light. It is the best BB cream I have used so far. It does not break me out, does not clog my pores or feel heavy, and it dries to a light matte finish which is lovely for summer. I really reccommend trying this one out if you are looking for a nice light coverage for summer.
2. Setting powder/powder foundation (Australis Fresh & Flawless, Rimmel Stay Matte)
I like to finish my face off with a dusting of powder to keep my skin matte and fresh throughout the day. On days where I need a bit of a top up on coverage, I use the Australis fresh & flawless powder in natural. It adds a bit of extra coverage without being cakey or heavy and leaves a lovely finish to the skin. On days where I do not want/need any extra coverage than my BB cream, I use the Rimmel stay matte powder. I tried this in winter and it really did not agree with my skin, probably because it was drier and more sensitive. I brought it out a few weeks ago to use it up and get rid of it, and found it actually works really well for me in the warmer weather! It does not provide any coverage but does sit well on my skin and does a good job of keeping my skin matte.
3. Eyelash tinting
I got my eyelashes tinted for the first time last summer, and it honestly made my beauty routine so much easier! Getting them tinted means I do not have to worry about the hassle of applying mascara, and then dealing with wearing and smudging in the hot weather, or if i go swimming.
4. Face mists (Australis)
There is no nicer feeling on a hot day than spritzing your face with a refreshing, hydrating facial mist. One I have been enjoying is the rosewater mist by Australis. Whilst I do not really believe it helps the staying power of my makeup, it definately is good for hydrating and refreshing makeup during the day. It is also good if your makeup or powder is looking a little cakey to add a dewy finish to the skin.
5. Moisturizing body wash (Bath & Bodyworks, Lux)
I find during the summer that the skin on my body and legs can become quite dry from all the sun and salt water, and require some extra hydration. I find the best way to keep my skin moisturized is to use a nice body wash. My two favourite brands are lux (in the scent secret bliss) and bath and bodyworks (in the scent carried away), as they both do not leave my skin feeling stripped, tight or dry as some others do. They also have lovely scents which linger on the skin.
6. Exfoliator (Garnier bodytonic, Sugar & Coconut oil)
Another step in keeping my skin smooth & prepped for summer is exfoliation. My two favourite exfoliators are the sugar scrub by garnier, and a homemade scrub made from sugar and coconut oil. Both of these also do not strip my skin, and are not too harsh or abraisive as some are. The bodytonic has a lovely citrus scent, and the homemade scrub leaves my skin smelling lovely and tropical like coconuts. I also find that exfoliating helps me to get a closer shave and reduces ingrown hairs.
My handbag essentials for summer are my Dove biotouch stick deoderant, a bath & bodyworks body mist in a light fruity-floral scent (such as carried away or country chic) and my Models prefer deep clean face wipes for removing makeup on the go if i head to the beach, etc.

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