Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Haul :)

Gucci by Marciano Wallet
A bronze/metallic taupe coloured wallet with a Guess logo pop stud closure at the front :) really nice little wallet, has a clear compartment for ID which I really like, big section for notes, plenty of card slots and a zip up coin section. My old wallet sadly is now falling apart so I was really excited to recieve such a gorgeous new one!
Fibre Extension Mascara Set #612 by Cool Betty
This set comes with a mascara and a tube of lash fibres with a mascara brush applicator. The description that comes with it says:
'A 2 part application containing a magical gel which allows you to have perfect eyelashes for the whole day with 100% natural green tea fibres!'
I am super excited to try this! The fibres are really nice, not heavy on the lashes at all and extend my lashes by over half a centimetre (depending on how many layers I apply!). Unlike some other formulas, the fibres & mascara do not become clumpy as you layer them which is great. I only wore these on my lashes for about an hour, so I cannot comment yet on the staying power of them during the day, but I will definately write a review on this product after I have used it a few more times to show you guys how much it really lengthens the lashes! It also comes in the most gorgeous purple & black zebra print case (which I can use for my glasses too!)
Victorias Secret Robe
A gorgeous, light robe to wear during the summer! Is made from a light, airy fabric in white, with the gold 'Victoria Secret' logo across the back with a tie at the waist :)
Novo White Quilted Clutch Bag
Picked this clutch out a month ago so I was waiting eagerly til christmas so I could start using it! This is a gorgeouuss envelope style clutch with a little silver clip closure :) is is a faux leather style material with a stitched quilted pattern on it. Also comes with a nice long attatchable strap so it can be worn over the shoulder too! Is close to A4 size so it is the perfect everyday bag/clutch for this time of year as it is so white and summery looking and it can fit all my essentials inside :)
Black Pleated Clutch
I needed a new black & silver simple clutch just for going out at night and the races/formal events etc :) This is a gorgeous satin material clutch bag with pleating detail on the front, a silver clip clasp closure, and a silver chain strap. It is a nice petite sized clutch, just big enough for me to fit all my night out essentials inside without being too bulky or heavy.
Dot by Marc Jacobs perfume
My new favourite perfume along with my trusty old favourite (Vera Wang Princess!) This perfume smells just divine. Scent is described as:
'Fluttering sweet and fruity topnotes of red berries, that decend through a trail of jasmine and orange blossom, landing on a base of vanilla and musk.'
I can really smell the berries and the fruity sweetness when I spray it on :) Scent is strong without being overpowering, and lasts through the entire day :)
Leopard print dress
Got this gorgeous dress from my boyfriends parents :) Is a long dress with lace panels around the hem which are lovely, with a rouched tight v top with thick straps.
Giraffe Pillow Pet
My boyfriend and I have a personal joke about giraffes, and we both actually ended up getting eachother one for xmas so it was quite funny when we opened our presents :) great minds think alike!
White gold heart pendant
Got this absolutely gorgeous necklace from my boyfriend :) spoiled! It is white gold & diamonds with a delicate chain. Very girly, a gorgeous piece of jewellery which I will treasure :)
Braves Hat!
My boyfriend also gave me the hat of my favourite baseball team :)
Priceline gift voucher
One of my lovely best friends picked me up a priceline voucher to go shopping with in their after christmas sales! She knows me too well! She also got me some super cute baking utensils as we have been cooking together recently :)
Large wheelie suitcase
Recieved this as a gift from my parents :) it is a large suitcase in maroon, with those 360 wheels! On my way home from thailand malaysia airways unfortunately absolutely ruined my lovely red faux crocodile suitcase which I loved :( so i needed a new one. This one is the same colour as the rest of the luggage that I have that matched my faux crocodile one so it all kind of still matches which is good! The 360 wheels are awesome too because I am such a klutz and always get caught up in my bags and suitcases when I'm walking through the airport! It's a really awkward shape to take a photo of so I didn't include one.
So they were the goodies I scored this christmas! Would love to see everyone elses christmas loot so if you have done a similar post please link me so I can check it out! :) Hope you all had a fantastic christmas!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas countdown - two days in one!- Family christmas & Chi Chi Glamorous Nudes palette :)

So yesterday my extended family came over to our house for family christmas lunch so I was rather busy and did not get a chance to post, so this is a sneaky two-days-in-one post! I had a fabulous day spending time with them and we had a lovely lunch consisting of roast ham, roast pork, turkey, stuffing & roast vegetables.... SO YUMMY! The delicious lunch was followed by pudding & brandy custard and pavlova for desert. I love christmas food! :) so delicious.
After lunch we exchanged gifts. I will post pictures of what I recieved in a collective christmas haul post soon!
I cannot believe it is Christmas eve already! I spent this morning catching up with friends & exchanging presents, and the afternoon wrapping up gifts for my family, my boyfriend & his family :) which made me really excited for tomorrow!
Today, whilst finishing off my christmas shopping, I saw that my target finally had the Chi Chi glamorous nudes palette! I was really excited as people have been discussing recently on beautyheaven how it is an exact dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette (which I have been dying to try but is sadly out of my price range :(! ) Here are some pictures for those who have not seen it yet:

Tried it out and the eyeshadows are all lovely :) very impressed with this palette. I picked it up for $14.95 at target on special so it was very affordable too :)
 Will post an in depth review with swatches etc very soon!
I wish everybody a happy christmas eve and an extremely merry christmas for tomorrow, I hope you all have a lovely day spent with the people you love, with good food and I hope santa is good to everyone! :P

Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas countdown: Christmas tag :)

Another holiday tag today :)
With 3 days left til christmas, I have for you:
1) Do you like to stay in your PJ's, or dress up for Christmas?
Weeelll, we normally stay in PJs to open presents and have breakfast, but then I like to get dressed up when we have people over for lunch or head somewhere else :)

2) If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be?
Probably my mum or my boyfriend :) but dad spoils mum every year so probably the boy! Everyone deserves to have somebody spoil them at christmas... I really enjoy trying to find the perfect present for loved ones, it is one of my favourite parts of the holiday season.

3) Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

Christmas morning :) when we were younger mum sometimes used to let us open a little present on christmas eve though!

4) Have you ever built a Gingerbread house?
My mum brought one home one year for us to try, but sadly it was a pretty big fail :P the whole thing ended up falling apart!

5) What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
Relax! I love just catching up on reading all my favourite blogs, watching youtube videos, chilling out with friends and family, going to the beach :)

6) Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
My mums christmas ham, and my aunties chocolate christmas bark. TDFFF!

7) What's your favorite holiday movie?
Probably going to have to sayy 'The Holiday' with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet... perfect combo of comedy & romance, with a super cute christmas setting :) I love the look of the house in London with the snow, I really want to have a white christmas one year!

8) Candy Canes or Gingerbread Men?
Candy Canes :D I actually really dislike gingerbread :/

9) Have you ever made a Snowman?
No! Sadly not! Australia is boiling around christmas time so there is not a flake of snow in sight. I would love to spend a christmas in America or London though so I could see what it's like to have a white christmas :)

10) Which do you like better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas day! Good food, family, presents!

11) Favourite winter (summer for us!) perfume scent?
My favourite perfume for summer would probably have to be Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden! It is so light and fresh and summery :) and it's so cheap at the moment too! You can grab a big bottle of it from Priceline for about $20. It also comes in variations such as lavender, camelia, lotus and cherry blossom. I love the original and the camelia best :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas countdown: Summer essentials

4 days to go!
Today I thought in the theme of the holidays I would write a post about some of my essential products for this time of year. Unlike America, Australians cop an extremely hot christmas period so I have to adapt my skincare and beauty regime to deal with the heat!
I also feel like these posts are a great way to find new products to try out, as you can read about what products other people are using and more importantly why they are working so well for them.
1. BB Cream (Models Prefer)
I love the feeling of a good, hydrating, non-greasy BB cream for the summer. I hate the feeling of wearing heavy foundation in the summer, and it is a bit of a waste of time in our climate as it will be melted off in two seconds!
My current favourite is the Models Prefer BB cream in light. It is the best BB cream I have used so far. It does not break me out, does not clog my pores or feel heavy, and it dries to a light matte finish which is lovely for summer. I really reccommend trying this one out if you are looking for a nice light coverage for summer.
2. Setting powder/powder foundation (Australis Fresh & Flawless, Rimmel Stay Matte)
I like to finish my face off with a dusting of powder to keep my skin matte and fresh throughout the day. On days where I need a bit of a top up on coverage, I use the Australis fresh & flawless powder in natural. It adds a bit of extra coverage without being cakey or heavy and leaves a lovely finish to the skin. On days where I do not want/need any extra coverage than my BB cream, I use the Rimmel stay matte powder. I tried this in winter and it really did not agree with my skin, probably because it was drier and more sensitive. I brought it out a few weeks ago to use it up and get rid of it, and found it actually works really well for me in the warmer weather! It does not provide any coverage but does sit well on my skin and does a good job of keeping my skin matte.
3. Eyelash tinting
I got my eyelashes tinted for the first time last summer, and it honestly made my beauty routine so much easier! Getting them tinted means I do not have to worry about the hassle of applying mascara, and then dealing with wearing and smudging in the hot weather, or if i go swimming.
4. Face mists (Australis)
There is no nicer feeling on a hot day than spritzing your face with a refreshing, hydrating facial mist. One I have been enjoying is the rosewater mist by Australis. Whilst I do not really believe it helps the staying power of my makeup, it definately is good for hydrating and refreshing makeup during the day. It is also good if your makeup or powder is looking a little cakey to add a dewy finish to the skin.
5. Moisturizing body wash (Bath & Bodyworks, Lux)
I find during the summer that the skin on my body and legs can become quite dry from all the sun and salt water, and require some extra hydration. I find the best way to keep my skin moisturized is to use a nice body wash. My two favourite brands are lux (in the scent secret bliss) and bath and bodyworks (in the scent carried away), as they both do not leave my skin feeling stripped, tight or dry as some others do. They also have lovely scents which linger on the skin.
6. Exfoliator (Garnier bodytonic, Sugar & Coconut oil)
Another step in keeping my skin smooth & prepped for summer is exfoliation. My two favourite exfoliators are the sugar scrub by garnier, and a homemade scrub made from sugar and coconut oil. Both of these also do not strip my skin, and are not too harsh or abraisive as some are. The bodytonic has a lovely citrus scent, and the homemade scrub leaves my skin smelling lovely and tropical like coconuts. I also find that exfoliating helps me to get a closer shave and reduces ingrown hairs.
My handbag essentials for summer are my Dove biotouch stick deoderant, a bath & bodyworks body mist in a light fruity-floral scent (such as carried away or country chic) and my Models prefer deep clean face wipes for removing makeup on the go if i head to the beach, etc.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas countdown: Holly Jolly Holiday Tag :)

Hi guys!
With christmas only 5 days away I thought I should get into the spirit by doing a themed post :)
This is the holly jolly holiday tag, some of you may have seen it doing the rounds on youtube, and I just thought it had some really cute & unique questions.
1.) Do you start your christmas shopping early or wait til the last minute?
It's different every year! It really depends on how busy I am, and if I even know what i'm going to be getting everybody (which I usually don't!) :P but typically I will buy some early on, then be rushing around at the last minute on Christmas eve to get the rest!
2.) If you could be in any christmas movie, what would it be?
I'm going to say how the grinch stole christmas, just because of the amazing looking scenery :P and the snow!!
3.) Which do you like better, Christmas eve or Christmas day?
Both! Love the anticipation of Christmas eve, but the food/family/friend time of Christmas day!
4.) When does your family put up the Christmas tree, and who decorates it?
We normally put up our tree in the first week of december :) my dad gets the tree out and puts it together, then me & my brother & my mum decorate the tree and put the lights up!
5.) White lights or coloured?
Coloured lights! So much more pretty and festive! White lights are nice if your tree/house has a theme though :) I wish ours did but it is always just all our decorations piled onto the tree :P maybe when I have my own house and my own tree I will try to make it themed one year!
6.) Do you peek at your presents or do you like the surprise?
When I was a kid I always used to try and peek! I would search the house high and low for my presents but would rarely ever find them! My parents were so good at hiding things. However as I have gotten older I started to really enjoy the suprise of not knowing what I am going to get :) and seeing the suprise/reaction on other peoples faces when they open their presents!
7.) Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or live in santas workshop?
I actually don't like gingerbread haha :( living in a house made entirely from it may be a little overwhelming. So i'm going to say santas workshop!
8.) Tell us your Christmas eve traditions?
My family all eat dinner together, then put all the presents for everyone under the tree :) then we finish doing all the christmas lunch preparation for the next day. Sometimes then I head out with friends or the boyfriend for drinks or have a little gathering.
9.) If you could be under the mistletoe with anybody who would it be?
I have never actually been around or under mistletoe haha! Im not really sure I even know what it looks like, but if I had to be under it with anybody im sure it would be my bf!
10.) What tops your christmas tree?
Our christmas tree has a gold star on top :)
11.) Can you name the 12 days of christmas?
I have spent like 10 minutes trying to think of them and the only thing coming into my head is 'a partridge in a pear tree'.. so unfortunately no I cannot!
12.) Have you ever gone Christmas carolling?
I'm pretty sure I went with my class in primary school, and we had our carolls night every year up on the school oval which was always really fun, being out all excited about christmas with your friends at like 9pm (which back then was suuuuuper late!) But since then, I can't say I have been!
13.) Do you count down to Christmas? If so, how many days are left?
When it gets close I do! :) 5 DAYS! I'm so excited!
14.) What are some foods/treats you can count on having every Christmas?
My mums little baby fruit mince pies, her yummmy christmas ham, seafood, and pudding :) and my aunty does a nice desert every year!
15.) How has Christmas kept it's magic for you as you have gotten older?
Just the feeling that comes around Christmas every year! The shops crowded with people trying to buy presents, all the lights and decorations being up, everybody wishing you a happy christmas, trying to find the perfect presents! It's just a lovely time of year :)
Would love to see some other peoples holiday tags or themed posts, if you have done one be sure to link it in the comments so I can check it out. I think I will be doing a holiday themed post for the next 5 days leading up to Christmas to channel my excitement! :P

Monday, 17 December 2012

Current Favourites! :)

Current Favourites!
Have not done a post like this on my blog just yet so I thought I would let you guys know my current favourite products, including some skincare and makeup :)
Organic Care Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner
This is the best shampoo & conditioner I have ever ever EVER used! I thought I would never find a brand I liked more than Palmolive but this one tops it! The shampoo is light and lathers beautifully, feels like it really cleans my scalp without overdrying or leaving my hair feeling 'squeaky' clean. Instead, my hair feels smooth and nourished even before I use my conditioner! The conditioner is thick and creamy and leaves my hair feeling really nourished and beautiful. Normally unless I use a nourishing oil on my damp hair I get flyaways and a bit of frizz, but after using these products alone and letting my hair air-dry, it is straight and shiny with no frizziness. The products come in nice sturdy bottles with a flip top caps, made from recyclable plant material. They also contain no SLS, SES, etc so they are good for your hair whilst being good for the environment with the packaging.

Models Prefer MILKYWAY 2-in-1 cleanser & toner
Picked up this cleanser after good first impressions of the other products in the new Models Prefer range that I picked up. I really saw great results from this product, even from the first time I used it. It comes in a squeezy bottle with a small opening at the top, which is great because it is really easy to precisely dispense the amount you want. The formula is creamy yet quite thin and spreads easily over the skin. I wet my face and then massage it into my face & neck really well. It does a fantastic job of removing all my makeup & leaves my face soft and hydrated. Have noticed less dry spots on my face, less flaky skin, no mascara traces left behind, and my acne has cleared up a bit too! :) Am also really enjoying the other products in this line.

Colgate Max White One toothpaste
Love this toothpaste! Leaves my breath fresh for aaaages, and I really feel like it does help to lighten my teeth, unlike some other whitening toothpastes which really do nothing. Has a great taste too, some toothpastes can be too intensely minty for me and burn my mouth but this one isn't like that.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick & Sweetheart
Did a review of these last month here on my blog. Really enjoy the glossy stain formulation of these balm stains and they last for a long time on my lips (which is good because I don't like having to constantly re-apply!). Can also be worn straight from the tubes on my lips for a glossy finish, or can be rubbed into the lips to create a more matte stain. Quite expensive usually, but you can pick them up 2 for 1 when priceline has its deals/sales which makes them quite a reasonable price :)
You can read my review/see swatches here: http://amberrxo.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/first-impressions-revlon-just-bitten.html

Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Anniversary in Cherry Blossom (Bronze) & Berry Delicious (Berry Pink)
This has to be the best lipgloss I have ever used! A friend of mine passed them along to me after she got them with her mirenesse foundation as she does not wear lip products. This was extremely generous of her as they retail for over $30 each!! I thought that price was crazy, but after trying them out, I definately think they are worth it. 
These lipglosses are so amazingly pigmented, the dark pink shade (Berry Delicious) is opaque with just one swipe, and the Bronze (Chiffon) shade provides a gorgeous bronze sparkle to the lips, and can be worn on its own or over a lipstick. The pigment in these glosses is long wearing. They hydrate my lips better than my chapstick does, when I remove my makeup at the end of the day my lips are not dry as they are after some products, but beautiful and smooth.

Models Prefer BB Cream in Light
I have tried multiple bb creams (both garnier original and oily skin, Nude by Nature, Rimmel) and this is by far the best of the bunch. Has great coverage - better than a lot of foundations I own, does not irritate my skin, ACTUALLY WORKS at hydrating my skin and fading marks, and dries with a semi-matte finish (isnt ridiculously oily like most others!)
Great colour for my skin too, not too light & not too dark!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Affordable christmas gift ideas! :)

Hey guys,
With christmas approaching (rather quickly I may add) there is only just under two weeks to get all your christmas gifts wrapped and ready :) I have really enjoyed watching & reading all the christmas gift guide videos and blogs, however being on a budget this year all I can do is lust after most of the amazing (but expensive) gift suggestions! So I decided to make my own budget gift guide with some cute little presents for beauty lovers, all of which are under $50.
Assorted BYS Palettes $5.00-$12.00
($11.95 palette pictured)
I really love these BYS palettes, they are one of the few bargain makeup brands I feel does not sacrifice formula or pigmentation to make their products affordable. I own two myself, and for the price they are good quality, really pigmented and gorgeous! I love them because you get such a large variety of eyeshadow colours with a relatively large pan size so they are a great way to expand your eyeshadow collection in an affordable and compact way. The palettes range in price from 5$ for the 6 pan diamond shadow palette to $12 for the 36 or 48 pan assorted colour palettes. There is a great range of colours and sizes to suit anybody and they make a great kris kringle or little stocking stuffer gift :)
I purchase my BYS palettes from GLOSS stores, but I believe you can get some of their products from bargain variety stores such as GO-LO.
Other eyeshadow palettes by brands such as Models Prefer, Loreal, Rimmel & Australis are also nice and can be purchase from Priceline.
Lip Smackers 4 pck Shimmer Set or Lip Smackers 6pck Coca Cola Set $14.99 ea
Cute gifts for younger beauty lovers or the young at heart. Each kit comes in at 15$ which makes them a cute kris kringle present or stocking stuffer :)
The first Shimmer set contains two shimmer balms and two shimmer glosses, and the second Coke set contains 6 Coke theme Balms (in coke, sprite, vanilla coke, fanta, grape fanta and raspberry fanta)
Available in-store at priceline, or on the priceline website.

Chi Chi body essentials summer gift set $19.95
This gorgeous body essentials kit contains some lovely summer themed body products. A great gift for aussie christmas as lots of christmas themed giftpacks you can purchased are aimed at the American 'white' christmas. For $19.95, you get a Musk Noir body scrub, Coconut Vanilla body wash, White Flower hand cream, a Watermelon body butter, and a loofah, to leave your skin smooth & hydrated for summer :)

You can purchase Chi-Chi products in-store at target and myer, or online at:
MOR marshmallow gift set $19.95
A gorgeous luxury MOR set with an incredible value of $50! Included is the Marshmallow Body Butter, Hand Cream & Perfume Oil. MOR products are on the pricier side for bath&body products, and when I saw Jodi K mention this in her christmas gift ideas video I could not go past including it here. The Marshmallow scent is beautiful and is suitable for all ages, not too sweet nor too mature which is another thing I love about it. Comes in really pretty packaging too
You can purchase this set in-store at Myer or online at:

David Jones Smokey Eye Kit $29.95
This is a really lovely kit for beginners as it contains 3 looks inside, each with seperately labelled eyeshadows and instructions for each to make things simple! It also contains an applicator, defining eyeliner pencil and a volumizing mascara to finish off your look. I think this is also a great palette for those travelling or on the go as it has all you need to create 3 eye looks in one little palette!

You can purchase this kit in-store at David Jones or online at:


Models Prefer 'Very Sexy' Colour Palette $29.95

Contains a whopping 64 eyeshadows, 32 lipcolours & 8 blush/bronzer colours. I really enjoy the Models Prefer range of cosmetics! They had a demo of this kit at my priceline and I swatched some of the eyeshadows/blushes, were really nice shades, not powdery, very nice for the price you can't go wrong :) great value present for somebody starting out in makeup or someone who wants to expand their collection without spending an enormous amount of money.
Can purchase this in-store at priceline or online at:


They are also having a 3 for 2 deal on selected cosmetic gift sets at priceline, which is a good opportunity if you need to pick up a few for different people :)

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters Set $29.95
This trio set contains the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters in the colours Peach Parfait, Lollipop and Sugar Plum (a nude, a pink, and a dark plum colour). I love these lip butters! They are extremely hydrating and glossy and give sheer but buildable colour. I think this is a pretty amazing deal considering ONE of these lip butters retails here in Australia for $21.95! Also comes with a cute little compact mirror, all packaged up in a cute box.
Available in-store at David Jones.


Burts Bees Head to Toe starter kit $29.99
Another great value set! This kit contains a collection of Burts Bees best products to naturally cleanse and nourish the skin. Included are: Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream 0.75 oz, Hand Salve 0.3 oz, Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Lotion 1 oz, Fabulously Fresh Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash 1.8 fl oz, Coconut Foot Cream 0.75 oz and their Beeswax Lip Balm. A great gift for someone who maybe has sensitive skin or likes more natural products.
You can purchase this kit in-store at priceline or online at:


Philosophy: The Bake Shoppe $30.00
This pack contains a Christmas cookie 3-in-1 shower gel (240ml) and a Sweet creamy frosting body lotion (240ml), both delicious sweet smelling scents! A great gift for somebody who loves bath and body products, or a beauty lover who wants to try out the philosophy brand. Comes in a gorgeous festive box with a little bow on top.
Can be purchased in-store from David Jones, or online at:
OPI Best of the Best Mini's $39.95
Nail polish is a great gift for those beauty lovers who are hard to buy for or seem to have everything! Brands like OPI are reknown in the beauty community for being great quality and are really nice polishes to work with, however with OPI retailing for $20 PER BOTTLE in australia (crazy!) you really will not get far on a budget. I think this set is a great value gift as it contains 10 mini shades to try out for just under $40, the price of 2 full size bottles. These 10 are a collection of OPIs best sellers: Alpine snow, Bubble bath, Tickle my France-y, Strawberry Margarita, Cajun Shrimp, Big Apple Red, I'm not really a waitress, You don't know Jacques!, Russian Navy and Lincoln Park after Dark. These colours range from blues to neutrals through reds, so there are shades to suit everybody's taste. I also prefer mini bottles of polish to full size, as the full size normally dry up or go gluggy before you can ever finish them up which is such a waste! The great thing about this set is it is suitable for any age beauty lover due to its range of colours.

You can purchase this set in-store at Myer or online at:

Monday, 10 December 2012

Mini Melbourne Update + Collective haul!

Just got back from a lovely weekend in Melbourne! Was a late birthday present (my birthday is in October, however this proved to be quite a hectic time of the year for us with work and uni exams) from my lovely boyfriend, so we both headed down to relax for the weekend :) left thursday night and flew back this afternoon.
I really enjoyed it! Melbourne seems like a much more better organized, more laidback version of Sydney. Everyone is polite, public transport is fantastic, so many nice places to eat, and so much culture! Stayed in a gorgeous hotel on Little Bourke Street which helped make the holiday even more relaxing!

Unfortunately this year has been a bit of a stretch financially, with buying a new car, having to find a new job, overseas holiday etc, so I did not have a lot of cash to throw around there (if I did I would have, shopping down there is amazing!) but here is a few things I purchased down there, along with a few things I have collected in my travels over the past few weeks :)

Rimmel Anti Fatigue Concealer in Ivory - Have been looking for a new concealer to try out, and am a fan of rimmel products so I hope it's a good one!

Bloom Glitter eyeliner in Starstruck - Am a big fan of the new 'glitter winged eyeliner' look. This glitter liner is such a gorgeous colour I just had to have it.

Coral Colours London Collection kit - Really like kits like this one that have eyeshadows, cheek & lip colours as they are all you need to create a look, & easy to travel with. Products have nice pigmentation for the price, and the lipgloss smells great, is gorgeous and isn't sticky.

Victorias Secret Body Lotion in Secret Craving - I have an absolute obsession with all victorias secret products. I bought the warm & cozy body mist and the pink body mist while I was in america and LOVE them. So when I saw the store in melbourne airport I could not resist picking up something up :) this scent is a lovely sweet floral.

Really random I know but I wanted to mention the complimentary toiletries that the hotel had because they were AMAZINGGG!
They were by the brand (Malin + Goetz) which upon researching I found out was actually a quite expensive luxury natural based rand from New York.. which can be found here:

The products we got to try out were:
The peppermint shampoo 30ml (RRP $20.00 for 236ml)
The cilantro conditioner 30ml (RRP $22.00 for 236ml)
The rum body & hand wash 30ml (RRP $20.00 for 250ml)
The b5 body moisturizer 30ml (RRP $38.00 for 220ml)

They all smelt absolutely divine, & were extremely high quality with beautiful formulas, unlike some hotel toiletries which are pretty much repackaged dish soap. The body moisturizer made my skin ridiculously soft and lovely!

I liked them so much that I will consider buying some of them full size when I run out of the extra mini ones I managed to get my hands on :P

A few things I picked up here and there in the past week or two:

Natio Vitamin E moisturizer - As my new models prefer skincare line is helping to prevent breakouts from occuring so well already, I was looking for a night cream that would help to fade my acne scarring.

Nation Sensitive moisturizing day gel - Have quite sensitive skin, and I really like the cooling, soothing texture of gel moisturizers for summer :)

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara - Saw many youtube gurus had purchased this product and said good things about it so I picked it up from chemist warehouse on sale. Must admit the few times I have used it, whilst it does lengthen a little I don't find it to tick enough other boxes (formula, wand, volume it provides) to become a favourite of mine. Is good layered with another volumizing mascara though.
Essence Mascara - Get BIG lashes (Volume Curl) - Love my essence products and their new range of mascaras looked nice so I picked this one up. So far I am really impressed with the seperation, length it provides and the formula. Could be a bit more volumizing but is pretty good!
Essence lipstick (All about cupcake) - For the longest time I have been looking for the perfect everyday lipstick that perfects my natural lips & does not look like I am wearing a lipstick and THIS IS IT!


Essence Sun Club Mini Glamour to Go Pallette (Neutral shades) - This is a cute little pallette that fits in my everyday makeup bag with neutral wearable shades. Formula of the shadows is pretty good, a tiny bit powdery but lovely shimmer!

Models Prefer Milkyway 2 in 1 cleanser & toner - After using this products for a week or so I am already in love! Creamy but not heavy product that removes makeup and thoroughly cleanses my skin whilst moisturizing and leaving it feeling soft and lovely. Has reduced my acne already!

Beauty Day Moisturizer w/ SPF - Thin formula moisturizer, very hydrating without being heavy or greasy. Absorbs quickly and smooths my skin out nicely in preparation for makeup :) hopefully continues to keep my skin moisturised without irritating it! Great bargain product with lovely formula, was only $5!

Let me know if you have tried any of these or any new exciting products you have purchased! :)