Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas countdown: Holly Jolly Holiday Tag :)

Hi guys!
With christmas only 5 days away I thought I should get into the spirit by doing a themed post :)
This is the holly jolly holiday tag, some of you may have seen it doing the rounds on youtube, and I just thought it had some really cute & unique questions.
1.) Do you start your christmas shopping early or wait til the last minute?
It's different every year! It really depends on how busy I am, and if I even know what i'm going to be getting everybody (which I usually don't!) :P but typically I will buy some early on, then be rushing around at the last minute on Christmas eve to get the rest!
2.) If you could be in any christmas movie, what would it be?
I'm going to say how the grinch stole christmas, just because of the amazing looking scenery :P and the snow!!
3.) Which do you like better, Christmas eve or Christmas day?
Both! Love the anticipation of Christmas eve, but the food/family/friend time of Christmas day!
4.) When does your family put up the Christmas tree, and who decorates it?
We normally put up our tree in the first week of december :) my dad gets the tree out and puts it together, then me & my brother & my mum decorate the tree and put the lights up!
5.) White lights or coloured?
Coloured lights! So much more pretty and festive! White lights are nice if your tree/house has a theme though :) I wish ours did but it is always just all our decorations piled onto the tree :P maybe when I have my own house and my own tree I will try to make it themed one year!
6.) Do you peek at your presents or do you like the surprise?
When I was a kid I always used to try and peek! I would search the house high and low for my presents but would rarely ever find them! My parents were so good at hiding things. However as I have gotten older I started to really enjoy the suprise of not knowing what I am going to get :) and seeing the suprise/reaction on other peoples faces when they open their presents!
7.) Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or live in santas workshop?
I actually don't like gingerbread haha :( living in a house made entirely from it may be a little overwhelming. So i'm going to say santas workshop!
8.) Tell us your Christmas eve traditions?
My family all eat dinner together, then put all the presents for everyone under the tree :) then we finish doing all the christmas lunch preparation for the next day. Sometimes then I head out with friends or the boyfriend for drinks or have a little gathering.
9.) If you could be under the mistletoe with anybody who would it be?
I have never actually been around or under mistletoe haha! Im not really sure I even know what it looks like, but if I had to be under it with anybody im sure it would be my bf!
10.) What tops your christmas tree?
Our christmas tree has a gold star on top :)
11.) Can you name the 12 days of christmas?
I have spent like 10 minutes trying to think of them and the only thing coming into my head is 'a partridge in a pear tree'.. so unfortunately no I cannot!
12.) Have you ever gone Christmas carolling?
I'm pretty sure I went with my class in primary school, and we had our carolls night every year up on the school oval which was always really fun, being out all excited about christmas with your friends at like 9pm (which back then was suuuuuper late!) But since then, I can't say I have been!
13.) Do you count down to Christmas? If so, how many days are left?
When it gets close I do! :) 5 DAYS! I'm so excited!
14.) What are some foods/treats you can count on having every Christmas?
My mums little baby fruit mince pies, her yummmy christmas ham, seafood, and pudding :) and my aunty does a nice desert every year!
15.) How has Christmas kept it's magic for you as you have gotten older?
Just the feeling that comes around Christmas every year! The shops crowded with people trying to buy presents, all the lights and decorations being up, everybody wishing you a happy christmas, trying to find the perfect presents! It's just a lovely time of year :)
Would love to see some other peoples holiday tags or themed posts, if you have done one be sure to link it in the comments so I can check it out. I think I will be doing a holiday themed post for the next 5 days leading up to Christmas to channel my excitement! :P

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