Thursday, 29 November 2012

Models Prefer Skincare Range

Was really excited when I heard that Models Prefer was bringing out a skincare line! They appear to have put a lot of research into this line, working in conjunction with world leading laboritories.
All products in this line feature their new innovative 'MP aquaFLEX' skincare ingredient, which aims to naturally increase hydration of the skin, lock in moisture, optimise skin metabolism, protect the dermis matrix structure and restore collagen synthesis.
The entire line is paraben free & dermatologically tested. Some of the products are also mineral oil free and fragrance free - an added bonus!
There is 3 seperate skincare systems, all aimed at different skin types:
MP Hydrate/Deep clean
For dry & more sensitive skin
Focused on gently yet deeply cleansing the skin, whilst hydrating.
Products in this line include:
EYE remove - waterproof makeup remover for eyes.
MILKY way - 2 in 1 creamy cleanser and toner.
DAILY perfect - SPF day moisturiser.
INTENSE moisture - deep comfort moisturiser.
EYE love - eye contour roll on gel.
RUB&scrub - gentle face exfoliator.
THIRST stop! - hydrating and calming mask.
BB cream - all in one skin perfector.
DEEP clean - exfoliating makeup remover wipes.
MP Deep Repair
For aging skin/To proactively fight aging
Focused on treating skin with anti-ageing properties to reduce the signs of ageing and improve skin firmness.
Products in this line include:
DEEP repair - anti-age moisturiser.
DEEP repair - anti-age serum.
DEEP repair - anti-age eye contour cream.
DEEP repair - anti age makeup remover wipes.
MP Matte Me
For oily/blemished skin
Focused on smoothing and mattifying the skin, with vitamin E and allantoin.
Products in this line include:
MOUSSE away - refreshing foaming cleanser.
MATTE me - pore minimising moisturiser.
MATTE me - pore minimising refreshing makeup wipes.
As you can see, there is a skincare system targeted for each main skin group, each containing a wide comprehensive variety of products. Clearly a lot of time has been put into considering skincare needs and the products to include.
Another feature of this range that really impressed me was the packaging. Very modern and streamlined whilst still being appealing to the eye, and functional. Packaging is white, with black caps & logos, featuring a pop of the accent colour of the range it is from. Creams come in sturdy clear plastic pots with the same black lids & colour accents. To me, this modern packaging makes the range appear more expensive than it is.
The products range in price from $6.99 for the facewipes, $12.99 for scrubs and masks, $19.99 for the BB cream, through to $24.99 for the night moisturizer.
Whilst I feel this is on the higher side of average for a skincare line, should it live up to the high expectations I have for its formula, it will definately be worth it.
I have purchased the BB cream, DEEP clean wipes and the THIRST stop! mask.


Very excited to test these out, and I am also going to pick up the MILKY way cleanser and the DAILY perfect moisturiser, tested them in store and they both had a really lovely light yet hydrating texture. Will definately be posting a comprehensive review of all products once I have properly tested them out! :)

The Models Prefer skincare line is available in Priceline, in the skincare section (seperate from where the MP cosmetics are displayed)


  1. Wow, the MP matte Me sounds really good. I'll have try the make-up wipes :) I don't mind models prefer make-up, they make great eyeliners.

    1. Oh i will have to give their eyeliners a try then! I have a lipstick of theirs which I really like, and I swatched some of the lip crayons today which were gorgeous, very pigmented!