Saturday, 24 November 2012

First Impressions: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

After hearing SO MUCH hype about these on youtube I was so keen to give them a try! However when I went looking for them in shops, a) they were  not out what until what felt like weeks after america, and b) they were ridiculously overpriced! (Both of what are typical in Australia!)
So I waited for them to go on sale, and lo and behold, this week at target they were 10$ each, and they were 2 for 1 at priceline!
When I looked at the range I was immediately draw to two of the bright girly shades - Sweetheart and Lovesick
Sweetheart is the most beautiful bright dark pink, whereas Lovesick is a more purple tinted, berry pink. The names are super cute, all love/romance themed!

Top: Sweetheart, Bottom: Lovesick
They come in a cool, wind up crayon kind of packaging which I love! Packaging is a thick plastic, nice and sturdy, and they wind up with the silver part on the end. The formula is lovely, the product just melts into your lips. It smells of peppermint and gives your lips a slight cooling pepperminty tingle which is nice. If applied directly to your lips from the crayon, it has a glossy finish, but the best part about this product is - the fact that this glossy finish has set after a few minutes does not transfer to anything! Not onto glasses, tissues, anything! And when the products glossy shine does eventually wear off, your lips are still left stained the same beautiful colour. Another method of application is rubbing the crayon against your fingers then patting the product into your lips which just gives them a slight stain and a more subtle hint of colour.
      Sweetheart                 Lovesick
I find often, even when my lips are moisturized and smooth, that lipstick formulas can often look unflattering on my lips. I did however really enjoy the formula of the revlon lip butters and found it to be one of the only lip colour products that looks flattering on me. I am glad that this product has impressed me just as much if not more. In comparison to the lip butters, I actually find this product to be more moisturizing with its balm formula, and providing both options of a glossy lip and a matte stain. It also looks more natural than a thick lipstick formula.
Overall I am very impressed with this product and will be looking to repurchase some more colours (perhaps crush and smitten?) while it is still on sale!


  1. Wellcome to the world of blogging!
    These look so great, and the two for one is such a great offer!!

    Also feel free to check out my (fairly) new blog. I also curently have two small giveaways that you are free to enter;

  2. These colours look amazing, great swatches! Its good to hear that they don't transfer onto things. Do they last long?

    1. Thanks! Yes it is refreshing to be able to go about your day without having to reapply all the time.
      I wore lovesick on my lips the other day, put my makeup on at 7, didn't evem start to fade til lunchtime! (1ish) So pretty good!

      Amber x

  3. I love these! I have only had mine a couple of days and I am already obsessed. I bought Lovesick on the weekend, but I really wanted Smitten which was sold out. I think I will definitely be going back to buy more!

    1. I know, they are so gorgeous! A lot of places seem to be sold out of popular colours, I found target to have the most variety, I guess not as many people do their beauty shopping there :) be sure to let me know if you post about them would love to see another persons review of them! x