Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Products on my beauty shopping list!

In my recent trawl through the blogosphere, I have seen lots of different people doing weekly or monthly "wish lists" or "shopping lists".
I thought this was a fantastic idea, as so often I see new products that I would love to try, then either forget about them, can't afford them or get caught up in other new products, and never get around to buying them!
I thought it would be great to post my most recently sought after products up here to keep track of them and maybe discuss with anyone who has picked them up :)
The products I'm excited to try currently are:
The new Models Prefer skincare line
Saw a write up/road test on the hydrate range, all the products look fantastic! Very modern but chic packaging, in white, pink & black, looks a lot more expensive than the $12.99-$25.00 pricetags that come with the products! Top of my list are the Daily Protect SPF Moisturizer and the All-In-One Skin Protector BB Cream (very into BB creams in the lead up to summer, still yet to find my perfect one!) Also heard on the Beautyheaven forums that they have released their own, more simplistic version of the Clarisonic, at under $15! Will definately be picking this up to try, after all the hype I have heard about facial brushes.
Real Techniques Brushes
Have seen a lot of American youtube beauty guru's talking about this range of brushes, then not too long ago I was in Priceline and saw a Real Techniques display! Yay! I have never been one for face brushes, the only ones I regularly use are my powder brush & eyeshadow brush, however recently I have been interested in trying out some kind of flat/angled kabuki or stippling brush to apply my foundation for a more flawless finish. On my list are the dual fibre Your finish/Perfected look stippling brush, and the Your base/Flawless foundation brush.
Palmers BB Cream
Again with my newfound BB cream obsession! I saw Chloe Morello mention that she recieved some Palmers products to trial, including their new BB cream. Have been a big fan of Palmers products lately (collection review video will be coming soon!) so am very interested in trialling this one to see what it's like and if it impresses me as much as all their other products do!
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
There was one of those scented page samples of this in the latest AU Cosmo magazine and I absolutely fell in love! Whilst I have enough perfume to last me a few years, I have yet to find my perfect everyday scent, but I think this might be it. Quite pricey, so I think I wil go and spray it on again one more time in store to make sure I really really love it, then ask for it for christmas! :)
New essence products
Last time I was in priceline I saw they were clearing out some of the old products & ones that were not as popular, and the lady there said they were making room for a few new things they were coming out with. Have seen a few reviews of their new mascara so I will be sure to pick some of them up and let you guys know how I like them. I think essence is one of the best, truly "budget" makeup brands here in Aus.
Fudge Violet Shampoo + New Clear Shampoo & Conditioner
Just ran out of my Nak purple shampoo and have heard a lot of good things about the Fudge one. Also loved the fudge clarifying guarana shampoo so I'm hoping I love the formula of this one just as much, and it keeps my blonde nice and neutral. Currently finishing up the dregs of a few shampoo and conditioners I have lying around, then I am definately going to pick up the Clear Scalp Therapy shampoo and conditioner. These recieved good reviews, and I have a fairly delicate scalp, so hopefully these can keep my hair and scalp healthy :)
If you have tried out any of these products, do let me know if you like them or not, and why :) Would love to hear what products are on other peoples wish lists too!

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