Thursday, 10 January 2013

Favourites and Un-Favourites of 2012

I thought to start 2013, I would review some of my favourite and most-hated products of 2012. To keep up the new year positivity, I will begin with the products that I really enjoyed over the past year :)

Models Prefer Skincare (Wipes, Cleanser, Mask, Scrub)
I started using this Models Prefer skincare line recently, and it has impressed me so much in such a short time that I had to include it :) I use the exfoliating deep clean wipes, the MILKYway 2 in 1 cleanser and toner, Rub&Scrub exfoliater, THIRSTstop mask, and the DAILYperfect moisturizer as well as the BB cream (which features further down). They contain MP aquaflex which focuses on hydrating skin at a deeper level. I love all these products as they are gentle on my skin, whilst being very hydrating.


Flormar Mat Touch Foundation
I purchased this foundation from a Flormar popup stand in my local Westfield. I chose the mattifying formula as it was summer and I had a bit of oily skin happening. Some mattifying foundations dry my face out too far, but I found this one to be perfect :) I use it all year round, and it never goes shiny or dries my skin out, even without a setting powder it sets itself to a beautiful light powdery finish. It also matches my skin really well in the lightest shade, it is a true ivory with just enough colour for me without oxidizing or being too dark & it does not break me out. I have had the bottle for about a year and with me using it a few times a week it still has some left :)

BB Cream - Currently Models Prefer & Chi Chi
I have been absolutely loving my BB creams during the second half of 2012 :) The first BB cream I discovered that actually benefitted my skin and did not break me out was the Models Prefer BB cream (in the shade light). I use this BB cream on its own when I want a light coverage and it also makes a fantastic base under makeup. 
It has also kept my skin extremely hydrated, and I feel has helped with my spots & marks. A new BB cream I have been trying out is the Chi Chi BB cream (in light) , and I like it just as much as my models prefer. I am yet to see the effects it has in the longer term on my skin, but so far it has kept my skin hydrated and has lovely coverage.
Its colouring is a bit lighter than the MP cream which is the slightest tiniest bit too dark, so I may begin mixing the two to create the perfect colour. 

Australis Fresh & Flawless pressed powder
I used this powder for the majority of the year when I needed a setting powder for over my foundation, especially when I needed a top-up on coverage.
This powder is lovely! I have it in the lightest shade, natural, and it keeps me matte throughout the day, whilst also providing the coverage of a powder foundation to keep my face looking nice all throughout the day :) does not break me out, no complaints about this one! I really like it.

Victoria Jackson Palette - Blush
This blush came in palette that was part of a Victoria Jackson makeup stand that was again in my local Westfield! The palette contains two eyeshadows, 4 lipcolours, and this blush. I do enjoy the other products, they are really lovely colours & good formulas, but not colours I wear enough to make them my favourites. This blush is a very Orgasm-esque shade, perhaps a bit darker, and gives my cheeks the perfect amount of colour and a delicate gold shimmer :) I love it!


Essence Black Kohl Eyeliner
I love this eyeliner, it is so pigmented and smooth to apply, never pulls or tugs at my eyes! It is great for smudging on my lower or upper lashline & for lining my water/tight lines. It lasts quite a long time on my eyes, without smudging and for around $3.00, I have not found a better eyeliner.

Essence flat angled eyeliner brush
When I don't feel like wearing liquid eyeliner on my lid, instead I use an angled eyeliner brush to smudge some black shadow or black pencil along my upper lashline for some definition :) my favourite brush to use for this is an angled eyeliner brush as it gets right into the base of the lashline and allows me to create a nice thin line.


 Mirenesse Velvet Lip Glosses
Got given these from a friend who got them as GWP with her mirenesse foundation, and I am so glad I got to try them out as it is not a brand I would ever really have considered buying otherwise. They are honestly the best lipglosses I have ever tried! The formula is pigmented but still lightweight and glossy on the lips and leaves my lips so smooth after wearing that it's like I was wearing a lip balm!

Essence lipstick in 'All about Cupcake'
It took so long for me to hunt down this lipstick! Every target and priceline was sold out but finally I managed to get my hands on one and I love it! The perfect natural 'my lips but better' colour that goes with everything. I wear this almost every day and it has lovely pigmentation and a great smooth formula.


Max Factor Fantasy Fire
This is honestly the most beautiful and unique nail polish I have ever seen! Worn on its own it is a gorgeous deep purple with a red reflect, but worn ontop of other polishes it can be anywhere from red to yellow to green. Also comes in a cute little bottle, I like it when polish comes in smaller bottles as you actually get to use up the polish before it goes gluggy or dries out.

Essence Gel Look Top Coat
My favourite topcoat! Quick drying, glossy topcoat that finishes my nails off beautifully and helps my polish to last :)


Natures Organics 'dry nourish' shampoo & conditioner
These have to be the best shampoo & conditioner I have ever used! They are so hydrating, the shampoo lathers beautifully without stripping my hair, and the coonditioner is so thick and nourishing that you only have to use a tiny amount. They also have the most gorgeous sweet coconutty scent that lingers in my hair for days. Only a few dollars each from woolies, I love bargain products that still manage to perform outstandingly!

Herbal Essences 'none of your frizziness' serum
I use this serum throughout the lengths and ends of my hair whilst it is still damp after being washed and it gives my hair extra shine and reduces frizz once my hair is dry, without weighing down my hair or leaving it looking greasy. Also has a really yummy tropical smell, and works better than a lot of the higher priced serums and creams I have tried. One bottle has lasted me months as you only need 1-2 pumps at a time. Great product.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Silver Toner
 I began using this after one trying out a different dye brand that left my hair with a strange orange hue to it.. :/ I bought this in the hope it would neutralise the orange tones in my hair and it did a fantastic job! The formula is like a thick purple conditioner and is surprisingly extremely conditioning to the hair. Since then I have used this product to follow up every time I dye my hair at home and it always leaves my hair looking conditioned, fresh, and removes any warm brassy tones that the dye may have left. The packet says the toner only lasts 8 washes, but I use a purple shampoo to keep it maintained until the next dye job. And it only costs me a couple of dollars!
Vera Wang Princess
I adore this perfume! It is so sweet and girly but not overpoweringly so, I wear it almost every day and get so many compliments on it. I really want to try out some of the other Vera Wang Princess perfumes in future as well!

Natio Vitamin E moisturizer
I love to use natural products on my skin when I can! However I absolutely DETEST the gross generic natural smell that comes along with a lot of them. I don't know exactly what the smell is, but I believe it may be geranium or a similar kind of plant smell. In this product it was just ridiculously strong, to the point where I could not even stand to have it on my face. Ended up using it to moisturize my feet and sunburnt legs to keep the smell away from my face.

Garnier Original BB cream
This was probably the most horrendous product I have ever used on my skin. Pretty much a tube of oily goop which broke me out SO BADLY, make my skin itchy, provided zero coverage, and lasted all of two seconds. Biggest waste of 10 dollars ever. I do enjoy the new formulation for oily skin however.

Revlon colourstay liquid liner
This product is so unpredictable! When it works, it works well, but when it decides it doesn't want to work it is nothing more than a useless, watery, straggly felt tip eyeliner with horrendous pigmentation. When I bought this eyeliner in Blackest Black, I expected it to live up to its name, but after using I think they should reconsider changing the name to unpredictable light grey. My first bottle, this happened about two weeks after opening, suddenly instead of being an opaque black the eyeliner was watery, no amount of shaking could get me even a hint of black. I thought maybe I had stored or used it incorrectly so I gave it another go, the next bottle was watery from the day I opened it!! Another thing I do not enjoy is how the applicator holds up. All my other eyeliners with the same style tip applicators hold their shape, whereas this one develops straggly little fibres at the tip, which collect eyeliner and leave you with smears and spots of eyeliner where you did not intend for there to be. Is not cheap either so I was expecting a lot more. The liquid liner I purchased from woolies works better.

Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner for dry hair
A girl I use to work with had the most amazing shiny healthy hair, and when i asked her what S&C she used, she told me these ones. I was almost finished my old ones so I picked up some new tresemme ones, and unfortunately I was sadly dissapointed.

Sunsilk Hairspray (Silver + Green Can)
This stuff smelt nice, but was SOOOO tacky! It felt like it never dried, my hair was tacky and sticky to the touch all throughout the day :( It was hard to wash out, and I definately could not get a second day wear out of my hair with this in it. Much prefer goldwell or my elnett hairspray.

Edward Beale conditioning spray for blondes
Smells bad, and useless. Has a natural smell, but not a nice one AT ALL! It resembles chamomile, in its strongest most horrendous form. The stink did not leave my hair, and I think it may have made my hair frizzier. I actually think I would gain more benefit from just spraying water in my hair. Chucking!

So they are my favourite and un-favourite products of 2012! 

 Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? What were your favourite products of the past year?


  1. omg so sorry to hear that the garnier bb cream didnt work out for you!
    i have the oil free version (ithink) and its working out okay for me, nothing too special

    i will be on the lookout for the essence gel look top coat! does it make your polish last longer?

  2. yeah everyone was so excited when it came out, but the original version just caused havoc on my face. the oil free version works pretty well for me too, but there are definately other bb creams i prefer! (see above)
    the essence gel look top coat is great! it does make my polish last longer, is really glossy and shiny and dries hard really quickly. be sure to check it out! :)