Friday, 4 January 2013

Couture Colour 'Jewel Tones' Kit Demo

Was recently in my local Target, hunting for after Christmas/New Years/Boxing day bargains, and saw that all the makeup sets released for Christmas were on sale, most for 50%+ off! 

Not having tried this brand or any of these sets from Target before, I was a bit unsure about what the quality would be like as there were no testers to swatch, but I figured for 4 dollars I would give one of the medium size sets in 'Jewel Tones' a go. They had a wide variety of colours and sizes in the sets, including a smokey eye kit, etc.
The Jewel Tones kit came in a cardboard book style box with step by step instructions of how to recreate the look on the front of the box. Inside is 8 eyeshadows (in removable pans, so they can be taken out of the bulky plastic packaging if desired), a liquid liner, two nailpolishes, a double ended brush/sponge applicator, and two eyeliners.
Not bad for $4!

Upon opening up the kit, the first thing I was really pleasantly surprised by was the quality of the eyeshadows. Sometimes in these cheap makeup kits, the eyeshadows are simply colourful pots with absolutely no product payoff on the skin, but this was not the case. Eyeshadows were nice, had a light metallic sheen to them.

Next I tested out the pencil eyeliners. Again, I expected these to have little or no payoff but these eyeliners were smooth, did not pull on the skin/eyes, and were very pigmented.
The liquid eyeliner was a gorgeous colour, light aqua green with a metallic gold reflect to it. It reminded me of a mermaid! :) the eyeliner dried quickly, and really did not budge whatsoever, I had to actually scrub at it to get it to come off my hand!

Have not tried out the lasting power of the nailpolishes yet, but they are very opaque with just one coat and dry pretty quickly on the nails. One is the same shade as the liquid liner and the other one is the same shade as the purple eyeshadow, with some shimmer to it. Lovely colours!
I used some of the eyeshadows and the eyeliners to try the products out and I did a different look on each eye.

Look 1 used the top row of shadows (the yellow, pale green and dark greens) as well as the liquid eyeliner & the greeny blue pencil liner.

Look 2 used the second row of eyeshadows (pale blue, dark blue and purple) and the black pencil liner.

Would love to hear some feedback, so let me know which eye look you prefer out of the two and why!

 All in all I was pleased with the quality of this kit and may pick up some others while they are on sale!
I will be doing a review of an exciting new BB cream by Chi Chi I also picked up from Target sometime next week so stay tuned for that :)


  1. The eyeliners look gorgeous! I like look 2 - those colours go so well with your stunning eyes!

  2. Thanks! :) the eyeliners are really nice, especially for so cheap, i was definately pleasantly surprised! x