Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentines Swap Haul!

Today I have a very very exciting post.....


First and foremost a massive thankyou to the lovely Jasmine Huston at for organising the whole swap! Very generous and thoughtful of you to do all the work of assigning everybody partners and doing all the other tedious organizing involved so everybody could enjoy this swap :)
My send thankyou definately has to go out to my lovely swap partner, Amy He ( go and check out her fantastic beauty blog @ )
She was such a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole swap process! As soon as we got emailed with our partners she immediately messaged me to introduce herself, and made it really easy for me to get a feel of what kind of products she liked and used (which made shopping for her soo much easier!)

This was the first swap I had ever done, and after seeing youtube vids and blog posts about some nightmare swaps I was a teeny bit nervous that something might go wrong. Thankfully I was so so pleasantly surprised so thankyou to these two girls for making my first swap so easy and lovely.

Now onto the goodies! Amy absolutely spoiled me!
The postbag arrived on my door (you have no idea how excited I was to see the postman) filled with little beautifully wrapped packages FULL of goodies!

Also, how cute is the little card she sent!

 So one by one, I unwrapped the little goodie parcels....

 Lots of fun little high-end samples and some deluxe samples for me to try out! Plus the cutest ever little vday themed lollies!

 Lip Products!

Face & Eye Products!

 Amy put lovely little notes on each product telling me more about them & why she included them :) so sweet!

 First up, the lip products!

Innoxa Classic Colour Lipstick
This was the first product I swatched and it is such a gorgeous formula and shade! Really smooth to apply and is very hydrating on the lips. Gives my lips a lovely shiny berry tint :)

 Panda Lip Balm!
Can everybody just take a moment to appreciate HOW CUTE THIS IS! :) I don't even want to take it out of the packet for fear of ripping the pandarey cuteness. I may just display it for a while :P

 Benefit Ultra Shines Gloss Haute Brilliance in Life on the A list
My first ever full-size benefit product! Sooo exciting! This lipgloss smells so sweet and yummy, and is the perfect nude :) I have been looking for the perfect nude lip product as they all seem to make me look dead or flat but this one is perfect!

Face products!

 Please do excuse my nooby photography here as I did not actually remove the post it from over the product... derp! But this issss...
Australis Ready Set Go True Translucent Finishing Powder
Have not had a chance to try this out just yet, but I am almost finished my Stay Matte setting powder so this will take its place as my finishing powder after that - I will write a review on how I like it! :)

 Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB cream
This was probably the thing I was most excited to receive in this swap :) I have recently been OBSESSED with different BB creams, and have really been wanting to try out some of the Korean ones! My wish has been granted :P Am almost through my Chi Chi one (already! thats how much I have been using it - I love it!) and I can't wait to try this one out afterwards. Will definately review afterwards :)

 Benefit Porefessional Primer
 Benefit has such cute little samples! I love how it is actually like a little mini version of the full size bottle :) I see youtube gurus using this and loving it all the time so I was super excited to try it out. The product is a beige skin colour tone and has a texture not like other primers I have used, it is more like a paste but it does a great job of smoothing my skin for makeup and smoothing out pores :)

 Clinique High Impact Mascara Deluxe Sample
Have never tried any Clinique products and I love trying new mascaras so super excited to try this one out :)

Jemma Kidd i-design Eye colour
This is a gorgeous rich pigmented shadow in a dark slightly shimmery blue. Will be gorgeous for using in smokey eyes or as an eyeliner for a change up from black :)

Bloom Liquid Glitter Eyeliner
Amy chose very well with this as this is a product I already use and love! Bought this exact same eyeliner on my trip to Melbourne and I use it all the time :) great to have a backup for when mine runs out!

Korean brand eyeshadow - not sure of the exact name.
This is a lovely pale greeney blue shadow with gold shimmers :) I think it would be gorgeous to use as an eyeliner!

Innoxa Lash Define Mascara
I have tried this mascara out already and I love it! The wash is really different to any I have seen before - it is really long and thin, with short stiff bristles along its length. The bristles and shape of the wand really do a fantastic job at separating lashes whilst adding an awesome amount of volume. The formula is really pigmented black, dries quickly and doesn't smudge. Is also great for bottom lashes as it is non clumpy and defining. I think once I have finished up my current mascara this will become my new everyday go-to mascara :) This product is also not tested on animals which is a big plus for me.

 Here is what two coats of the mascara looks like on my lashes :) great separation but still adds volume at the roots without being clumpy.

 All in all I was so happy with how the swap went :) loved all the goodies that Amy sent to me, and what a great swap partner she was! Be sure to check out her blog and tell her I sent you over! 
I will definitely be participating in more swaps in the future!

Have any of you guys participated in swaps? Did you have a positive or negative experience?


  1. OMG I swear we have the same bedsheets! LOL so so glad that you enjoyed the products :) That mascara looks great on jealous of your lashes! :P

  2. Hey lovely! I have nominated you for a Leibster Award, and award for bloggers with less than 200 followers!

    Go to the link below to see the rules of the comp, ect.

    xx Bridget

    1. Thankyou so much! I will check it out! :)

  3. Great Swap Amy really spoilt you :) I found your link through her page :)

    1. She did! She was really lovely :) yay hope you enjoy my blog xx

  4. That's great she got you so much and that you love it! I'm happy you enjoyed the swap, and thanks so much for taking part :)

    1. It was fantastic :) Thank YOU for organising it! xx